Kennel Entrance   Back of kennel with runs (left of building)  

There are 12 comfortable indoor-outdoor runs, large enough to accommodate two dogs in same family together if desired. A Magna-door dog door allows dogs to enter and exit at will during the day, while a metal sliding door is closed at night (or during inclement weather). There is shade and some cover from rain provided by a canopy over part of the exterior run, which is 10 meters (30 feet) long. Inside, the floors are made of special insulated rubber which is cool in summer, warm in winter, and prevents dogs from lying on the cement. Platform and hammock style beds are also available.


Individual diet, medical or other needs can be accommodated at no additional charge. Palisades uses only natural foods but will follow whatever diet you request. If you feed your dog a homemade diet we can accommodate this as well with some preparation. Excellent veterinary care is readily available in the event of an emergency.

The building is heated and air conditioned. Grooming is available. Seniors’, long-term and other discounts may apply. Because this is a small kennel, it is not necessary to charge GST.

Pick up and drop off times are by appointment; weekend holiday and evening times can usually be arranged. Visitors are always welcome!



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