Shelties have been herding me into shape since 1958, when a sable puppy joined the family and changed my life forever. "Shep" (pictured left) was a grandson of Ch Mountaineer O’ Pages Hill, a prominent sire in the 1940’s. From Shep’s photos, he seems to have been a typey dog for his time, and certainly the smartest dog that ever lived! At the time, I had badly wanted a Collie, having memorized all of Albert Payson Terhune’s books about his Sunnybank collies. However, a pre-emptive strike on the part of my mother and sister brought Shep into my life, and I have never looked back!

A small Sheltie named "Buffy" was my constant companion through graduate school and my first years working in Northern Canada and Toronto. She was so popular, my social life revolved around being "Buffy’s chauffeuse." Although I never bred Buffy, I never had her spayed (and no vet ever suggested it), and at age 12 she developed pyometra and HAD to be spayed. Luckily, she survived -- and I will not be so stupid again. Fortunately, the health benefits of spaying and neutering are much better known now, quite apart from the issue of responsible breeding. Buffy succumbed to pancreatitis at 14, before I learned what I now know about optimum diet and healthy choices for our furry friends. I shudder to think what I fed her and Shep before her!


My next Sheltie was a sable merle from Debbie Moore, Fairfax Prairie Belle CDX, quickly joined by a bi-black buddy from Jean Simmonds, Carmylie Bi Capriccio, CD. These two girls are behind all my dogs today, and their beauty, acute intelligence, sound temperaments and superior structure live on in their descendants while I seek to continue improving on overall breed type and genetic soundness without losing that all-around versatility that makes the Sheltie the very special dog that it is!


Since 1990 we have been located on Highway 6 North, in a rural part of Flamborough between Milton and Cambridge, Ontario, not far (but far enough!) from African Lion Safari. Several grassy acres are fully fenced to allow the Shelties and supervised "campers" to run and play, and to practice agility, obedience and simple tracking.


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