My goal is to produce physically and emotionally healthy Shelties who embody the elfin grace, beauty and charm of the breed in a compact, athletic package. I have a special love for the bicolour Sheltie, especially the black and white (biblack), and favour the smaller end of the size standard, between 13 and 14 inches. My personal conviction is that a breeder must be responsible for his/her dogs throughout their lives, and I believe in providing ongoing support as needed, in addition to a lifetime guarantee against hereditary or congenital defects. I am firmly committed to a holistic approach (embracing the best of both conventional and alternative schools of thought) to the care and nutrition of my dogs and seek to place puppies in homes where similar care and commitment will enhance their lives.

Companion puppies (usually in shades of black and blue, rarely sable) are sold on a Canadian Kennel Club non-breeding registration. Occasionally young adults with eye, hip and VWD clearances are available on an unlimited registration. Palisades does not have "show dogs" for sale. Puppies with possible show promise may be purchased but only by someone who wishes a Sheltie for life, which may (or may not) include a show career.


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